Windows 8.1 Book: Video 0.1

Just the start of the Video chapter

Here's a very early version of the next chapter in progress for Windows 8.1 Book, Video. This chapter discusses the Xbox Video app, which is used to find and purchase content from the Xbox Video Store as well as manage and play your own personal video collection.

This topic is pretty straightforward, of course. So the chapter should come together very quickly and not require a lot of explanation. I'm guessing the final version will be around 20-25 pages in Word. What we have now are sections on the visual tour, finding store content by searching and browsing, learning more about TV show and movie content, and part of the purchasing video content section.

I need to finish up that last section and complete sections on playback, managing personal video content, using the app with SmartGlass and Play To/Miracast, and configuring Xbox Video.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Video 0.1 (14 page PDF, 966 KB)

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Download Windows 8.1 Book 0.02 (70 page PDF, 5 MB)

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