Windows 8.1 Book: Install 0.1

A first look at what promises to be a long chapter about installing Windows 8.1

Here's a first look at the next chapter in progress for Windows 8.1 Book: Install. This chapter discusses installing Windows 8.1, including Windows Setup, the Out of Box Experience, the web-based installer, and various other related items.

This chapter will likely be quite long, if only because of the many screenshots it requires. But I think we came up with a novel and efficient way to present this information, since it could have quickly careened out of control (screenshot-wise) given the vast array of ways in which you can install Windows now. Up-front, we have two step-by-step guides to Windows Setup and the Out of Box Experience), and then we can cover all of the various permutations of the Windows install process after that, discussing only the differences presented by each.

We'll see how it goes as we flesh it out—the web-based stuff may require another up-front step-by-step guide, for example, for Upgrade Advisor—but I think this is going to work nicely.

This will likely be the last update before our switchover to the new web site, where we'll be hosting the files ourselves rather than relying on public cloud services. More on that development soon.

Feedback is always appreciated, but in this case is particularly important as we'd like this to be the best standalone Windows install guide anywhere. So if you see anything missing or have any ideas about how to improve it, please do let us know.

Download Install 0.1 (19 page PDF, .98 MB)

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Download Windows 8.1 Book 0.08 (138 page PDF, 11.8 MB)

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Update: The first sentence in the chapter contains a pretty egregious copy and paste error. I've fixed this for the next update already. --Paul

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