Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense is a Valuable Feature that Gives Full Control Over Shareable Networks

A lot has been made recently over the feature that allows Windows 10 users to share their Wi-Fi settings with other Windows 10 computers. Essentially, Wi-Fi Sense shares stored credential information and allows friends and family to logon to encrypted Wi-Fi networks without having to know a password or specific network information.

This sounds like both a very useful feature and one that could be potentially dangerous. But, Microsoft has developed specific stipulations about how Wi-Fi Sense works:

  • Does not show the Wi-Fi password

  • Allows full customization, including disabling it completely

  • Shared credential information is only available to valid personal contacts from Outlook,, Skype or Facebook

  • Only available to others running Windows 10 with Wi-Fi Sense enabled

To customize how Wi-Fi Sense works follow the gallery above, which takes you to All Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi Settings.

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