Windows 10 Spotlight Makes Its Debut for Windows Home

Windows 10 Spotlight Makes Its Debut for Windows Home

If you applied the recent update this week from Microsoft, you might have noticed (or probably haven't) a new feature show up. Well, that is, if you're running Windows Home edition.

Announced and demoed at Build 2015, Windows Spotlight is a Lockscreen feature for Windows 10 that, when enabled, rotates lockscreen images and gives you the ability to provide feedback on them. Other capabilities will be provided later on, but this current iteration just provides simple feedback on images.

You can try it out by enabling it. To find it, go to: All Settings > Personalization > Lockscreen, and change the Background option to Windows Spotlight.

The Windows Spotlight feature was originally announced as an option for all editions of Windows 10, but is only available now for Windows Home.

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