Windows 10 November Update: Finding Your Device

Windows 10 November Update: Finding Your Device

Earlier this week Rod showed you one of the new features in the November Update to Windows 10 which allows you to track any device that connects to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection.

While this has always been something associated with mobile phones it can now be used with laptops, tablets and even desktops - at least those using Wi-Fi.

Although desktops are not considered very portable, they are being made in much smaller form factors than traditional box PCs so this could be very useful for those devices as well.

Once you have the Find My Device featured turned on tracking down the devices location is easily accomplished by visiting and signing in with the same Microsoft Account that you use on the device you are looking for.

After logging in you will see a list of all devices that you have logged into using that Microsoft Account even though some are not being tracked. Scroll down the list until you see the device you want to locate and click Find my device.

Windows 10 November Update - Finding Your Device

This next screen will show you a radius, the blue circle, of where this device last connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can use the map controls to zoom in on the location.

Windows 10 November Update - Finding Your Device

As you zoom in the view changes to the typical Earth view so you can better see the area the device was located.

Windows 10 November Update - Findign Your Device

Of course, if the device has been moved from this location and not connected to a new network since, then this will not be up to date but it certainly gives you a good starting point.

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