Windows 10 Mobile Devices: Are you on the approved list?

Windows 10 Mobile Devices: Are you on the approved list?

It's been a busy couple weeks, with Windows 10 for PCs getting the bulk of the focus. Now, that things are starting to settle down a bit (except rumors suggest that Service Release 1 for Windows 10 will deliver on August 10th), maybe it's time to reroute some attention to the "other" editions of Windows 10. And, there is movement in those other areas already. For example, Microsoft announced yesterday that a full blown version of Windows 10 is coming to Xbox One in November. And, additionally, we've heard that build 10240 Windows 10 Mobile is on hold due to a bug.

Many are wondering if Microsoft can refocus its efforts on the mobile version of Windows 10 and provide a mobile OS that creates the same excitement as the desktop version. Microsoft's mobile strategy is still struggling, but the company has been able to impress in other areas, so why not in this one market? The best answer is: it's difficult.

And, what makes it even more difficult is that Microsoft is putting direct focus on its own line of handhelds. Lumia may own the lion's share of the Windows Mobile market, but that market is still pretty meek. A newer Windows 10 Mobile landing page shows that when Windows 10 Mobile delivers sometime this fall, it will be available for the following Lumia models first:

  • Lumia 430

  • Lumia 435

  • Lumia 532

  • Lumia 535

  • Lumia 540

  • Lumia 640

  • Lumia 640 XL

  • Lumia 735

  • Lumia 830

  • Lumia 930

Obviously, some of you looked through this list and breathed a sigh of relief, while others are busy wiping coffee off the wall after a self-induced, cross-room mug explosion. I recently moved to the Lumia 735 after working with a review unit for a week, so I'm good. The 735 happens to be the best smartphone I've ever owned.

The biggest reason for the models listed on the initial approved list is that the updated OS requires Lumia Denim. Denim isn't available for most older Lumias. This doesn’t mean that older models won't receive Windows 10 Mobile, just that they won't be able to partake in the offering right away.

It's also important, as always, to highlight the phrase "when available," even with the approved list. There's rumors that Microsoft will attempt to bypass mobile operators for delivery of Windows 10 Mobile, and will also cut back on the number of mobile operators it deals with, but it's still likely that providers like Verizon, AT&T and others will still be barriers to a quick rollout. My 735 is with Verizon, which has been notoriously and historically bad about timely updates, so even though I love my Lumia, I grit my teeth every time I think about getting the upgrade this calendar year.

And, for non-Lumia devices? We've heard from some manufacturers that they are planning to release Windows 10 devices sometime this fall – in conjunction with the official Windows 10 Mobile release. But, information about existing, non-Microsoft Windows smartphones is sketchy. If you own a Windows smartphone made by any other manufacturer, it might be time to review Microsoft's approved list and consider making a move.

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