Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15014 Hands On


Microsoft continues their push to the release of the next major feature update to Windows 10, known as the Creators Update, which is expected to be generally available in April of this year.

The release of Windows 10 Redstone 2 Build 15014 for PC and Mobile devices is also a very clear reminder that announced features are not guaranteed to make it all the way to the final product and that under used features can find their way to the chopping block.

Alongside of announcing a new eBook feature in the Windows Store and Microsoft Edge for Build 15014, Microsoft revealed that the My People feature which they showed off on stage at last Octobers Creators Update event, will not make it into the final version of the Creators Update. When asked about it, Dona Sarkar who leads the Windows Insider Program stated the company simply isn't "satisfied with providing a less than awesome experience for such an important scenario."

In the same announcement post for Build 15014, they also revealed that App Corner on Windows 10 Mobile was also being removed "due to decreased usage".

Of course, this is not new territory for most Windows Insiders because last year Kids Corner was removed from Windows 10 Mobile for the same low usage reason despite its popularity among its few users. I am also sure that everyone remembers the removal of Messaging Everywhere being dropped from the Anniversary Update last year.

Despite some features being delayed or removed, there was one major feature addition to Windows 10 Build 15014 and that is the inclusion of a Books category to the Windows Store for the sale of eBooks. This feature is making its way into both the PC and Mobile versions of the Creators Update and will use Microsoft Edge as the reading tool and it has all the bells and whistles to customize that reading experience to your preferences and screen size.

When this eBook feature was rumored earlier this week, I commented on Twitter that there should also eventually be a podcast section added to the Windows Store for that type of content. Microsoft has previously curated a very extensive podcast directory and I am sure that would translate well into the Windows Store.

Another feature that had begun its move to Windows Settings in previous builds was Windows Themes and with Build 15014 it appears it is all turned on now and the link to those themes in the Windows Store is now working. It also looks like Microsoft has brought forward all of those themes that were put together during the Windows 7 days, including the many community themes that were built from user submissions.

There are currently 142 themes listed in the Windows Store.

I took a quick look and found at least one of the several images I submitted back then which is still in one of those themes.

Windows 10 Themes Desktop

As for bugs - at least two of my past issues have been cleared with Build 15014:

  1. The LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge no longer asks for MFA each time I open the browser.
  2. Desktop icons now retain their layout between restarts of the operating system.

There are also a couple of unannounced items/tweaks such as a new Web Note icon in Microsoft Edge, a new setting for turning on and off the Windows welcome experience after updates, and a Creators Update welcome banner in Microsoft Edge after the update is installed.

The gallery will highlight those items and some of the new/updated features in Build 15014.


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