Windows 10 build 10122 available for Fast Ring Insiders

Windows 10 build 10122 available for Fast Ring Insiders

Microsoft, after a public ballot on social media last night, has released Windows 10 build 10122 to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring distribution channel.

This build has one glaring issue related to Project Spartan and Internet Explorer and users who have AMD graphics processors on their systems.  According to the Ring Master these sites can crash the browser but updated drivers are in work and should be available in about a week or so.

While there are other issues in this build, the list is significantly smaller than previous releases, it is also getting closer to its final stages of development.

There are a couple of key statements by Gabe Aul in the post over at the Blogging Windows site:

"From here on out you’ll see fewer big feature changes from build to build, and more tuning, tweaking, stabilizing, and polishing."

So the end is near for significant feature additions to the OS. This is a normal step in the development process and allows the team to stabilize the code and get it ready for RTM.

Windows 10 is different in that it will be continuously updated and so if any bugs slip through to RTM they can easily be dealt with through Windows Update. New features can be added in the same way post RTM.

The next comment from Gabe is very bold - especially for someone in the public eye on social media. Whether it is fair or unfair he gets a lot of direct feedback on Twitter about builds and other issues with Windows 10. This one has the potential to result in a lot of feedback!

"The Insider Previews continue to be aimed at very technical people who want to play with pre-released code, but I think you’ll feel more and more comfortable using this build and future builds on your day to day systems."

So encouraged by Gabe's comment I will make the shift to Windows 10 full time with this build and let you know how that goes.

Will you choose to make the same effort at this point?

Be sure to read Gabe's entire post for the fine details about this build.

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