This Week in "Windows 8.1 Book": January 5, 2014

This Week in "Windows 8.1 Book": January 5, 2014

More progress towards the 1.0 release

Concluding my holiday hiatus from the SuperSite, I was able to get a lot more work done on "Windows 8.1 Book" this past week, finishing two more chapters and starting work on a third. I'll be returning to a normal schedule on this site starting Monday.

Remember, we're charging just $2 for the book, and you can contribute in other ways as well. Check out Buy Windows 8.1 Book! or the Windows 8.1 Book website for the details.

This week's updates (with the newest posts at the top) include:

First draft of the Games chapter is now complete

Here is the first draft version of the GAMES chapter, which focuses on the Xbox Games app.

Games 0.1 and Book 0.34

Here is a very early peek at what I hope will be a very short GAMES chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book." This chapter covers the Xbox Games app and ways with which you can interact with Xbox Live.

First draft of the Apps chapter is now complete

Here is the first draft version of the Apps chapter, which focuses on Windows Store and the Store app.

Apps 0.3 and Book 0.32

Here's another update to the APPS chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book." I wasn't sure if I'd have time to post another update, which I why I posted the earlier version today. But I kept working on it, so what the heck.

Apps 0.2 and Book 0.31

Here is a second pass the APPS chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book." It doesn't seem like a big update, but I had started adding a section about the apps included with Windows 8.1 and about half way through it realized it was super-basic and more appropriate for the READ THIS FIRST chapter. So I pulled it out of this chapter and will hold on to it until I work on that introductory material.

Apps 0.1 and Book 0.30

Here is a very early peek at the APPS chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book," which will cover Windows Store, the Store app and various topics related to apps such as account management, app payment methods, managing running apps and so on.


I forgot to update the Table of Contents in the most recent book versions. Rather than repost them, I'll try to remember to do so for the next update. Sorry about that. –Paul

People 0.3 and Book 0.29

Thanks to some reader feedback, I made some changes to the People chapter, so I've updated the full book document as well. It was pointed out to me that the word "delete" didn't appear in the People chapter at all. Oops. So I added a section about deleting a contact and made a few other typo fixes.

In addition to these changes, I combined the USERS and SECURITY chapters into a single chapter and started work on the INTERNET EXPLORER chapter. These changes will be reflected in the next update.

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