This Week in "Windows 8.1 Book": February 16, 2014

This Week in "Windows 8.1 Book": February 16, 2014

Teetering on the edge of completion

With this week's updates to "Windows 8.1 Book," we're getting very close to the finish line: The book is now over 500 pages long, and is only missing a single short chapter and some front matter. The finish line awaits.

Remember, we're charging just $2 for the book, and you can contribute in other ways as well. Check out my earlier post Buy Windows 8.1 Book! or the Windows 8.1 Book web site for the details.

This week's updates (with the newest posts at the top) include:

First draft of the Skype chapter is complete

Well, that came together quickly. Perhaps a bit too quickly. But the first draft of the SKYPE chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book" is now complete. One more chapter to go.

Skype 0.1 and Book 0.56

Here is the first peek at the SKYPE chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book." My expectation is that this will be fairly short and very straightforward chapter. I'd like to finish it quickly.

First draft of the Devices chapter is complete

Here is the first draft of the Devices chapter. This fills in most of the remaining content though I've temporarily removed two sections about scanning (I need a better scanner for this) and the Microsoft Arc Mouse Surface Edition utility which curiously stopped working after I wrote about it and before I took screenshots (on multiple PCs, no less).

Video 0.3 and Book 0.53

Here's a bit of a step sideways: In working on the DEVICES chapter today, I realized that I had already written about Play To and Play On Xbox (360) for the VIDEO chapter. So I went back and looked at that chapter and realized it was written before the release of the Xbox One.

Devices 0.2 and Book 0.53

Here is a second look at the DEVICES chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book." This update adds sections on configuring mice and keyboards and removable storage and a sub-section about Miracast.

Devices 0.1 and Book 0.52

Here is a very early look at the newly-added DEVICES chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book." This chapter will cover external hardware devices such as keyboards, mice, removable storage (USB/SD), network-based storage, printers, scanners, displays (including technologies like Miracast) and cameras.

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