Two Builds in Two Days as Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 10159

Two Builds in Two Days as Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 10159

Remember how I shared about my trials and tribulations in updating three systems to Windows 10 Build 10158?

I was feeling pretty good with myself after writing that because I had all of my Windows 10 devices on the latest build, the Start Menu was laid out how I like it on all the devices and I was settling in for poking and prodding build 10158.

No sooner than I took my deep breath and got ready to dive in this tweet popped into my Twitter stream from the Ring Master - Gabe Aul:

Say what? Two builds in two days?

Spectacular and I am sure well received by Insiders world wide.

The question then is - why?

Why two builds so fast back to back?! As you probably know, we validate builds that we produce in internal rings where they’re used by engineers in OSG and Microsoft. If they pass all of our criteria we make them available to Windows Insiders, first to Fast and then to Slow once we know it’s a stable build. We’d been using 10158 for almost a week and knew it was going to be a strong build, and the data backed that up so we released it yesterday. Hot on its heels though was build 10159, which in addition to more fixes (over 300 of them!), took in one very interesting change. We didn’t want to wait with 10158 so we went ahead and released that build while we were still evaluating 10159. As it turns out though, 10159 is also a great build and passes our criteria for the Windows Insider Fast ring.

I know myself and many other Insiders will take great plesure in checking out this new build with all the updates and fixes.

However, do we dare plan for a third build in three days?

Come on - that would be ludicrous.

By the way - you can not miss the fact there is a new Lock Screen layout and the new Windows 10 wallpaper they showed off last week is now in this build.

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