Surface 3 Not Quite Ready for Windows 10

Surface 3 Not Quite Ready for Windows 10

If you're one of those enamored enough by Microsoft's smaller Surface 3 tablet to snag one, you're probably also one of those all hopped up to install Windows 10 on it.

Some have reported that the latest build of Windows 10 installs fine, but after using it for a period of time wished they hadn't attempted it due to lock-ups and hung apps. According to Microsoft, the Surface 3 is not quite ready to run Windows 10. The problem is due to Windows 10 specific drivers that aren't available yet.

Per Josh_F, Microsoft's Surface 3 forum owner…

The Surface team is working with Intel to get a pre-release Windows 10 driver set published to Windows Update in the near future. Please keep checking Windows Update for the new driver set.


So, while you can install Windows 10 on the Surface 3, your experience with it will be less than acceptable. But, really, Windows 10 is still beta anyway. You can't install a beta product on a functioning device and expect to find no issues.

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