Surface 3 gets updated Windows 10 Preview drivers

Surface 3 gets updated Windows 10 Preview drivers

Yesterday we reported that the experience of using the Windows 10 Technical Preview on the new Surface 3 was not a very good one.

The main issues is not getting Windows 10 installed but is system instability after it is in use.

Apparently the Surface 3 needs updated Intel drivers for the new Cherry Trail Intel CPU and chipset on the Surface 3.

Well it has not taken long for Microsoft and Intel to get a new set of drivers posted via Windows Update in Windows 10 build 10074 for Surface 3 users.

According to an updated Microsoft Answers thread about this issue Microsoft and Intel have made pre-release drivers available for the Surface 3 to address the instabilities on the new device while running Windows 10.

Just head to Windows Update on your Surface 3's Windows 10 install and download them to hopefully stabilize everything. Let us know if you see any improvements.

Source: Microsoft Answers via NeoWin

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