Screenshots of Project Spartan on Windows 10 Mobile leak

Screenshots of Project Spartan on Windows 10 Mobile leak

As the wait continues for a new build of Windows 10 for phones, we are on Day 44 now since the last release by the way, leaks are slipping out of updated ROM’s and those are giving us an opportunity to see new pieces of the OS.

As you might imagine one of the most sought after elements of Windows 10 is Project Spartan which we have not seen in any public builds so far although it has been promised in the next desktop build.

That means screenshot leaks become the next best thing and enables us to see what is happening in that area. Today’s screenshots come to us courtesy of an enthusiast site in Poland called Windows Mania and show us some of the elements of the new browser from Microsoft on mobile devices.

Of note you can see a new Hub that is the central location to access your Reading List, Favorites and History on the phone plus an ellipsis menu at the bottom of the browser window for quick access to settings, Hub, etc.

Project Spartan on Windows 10 Mobile

The big question now is how many more days until we see Project Spartan anywhere publicly?

Check out all the screenshots in our Gallery: Project Spartan Screenshots in Windows Mobile 10.

Source: via WinBeta

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