Rebuttal testimony ends in Microsoft trial

The historic Microsoft antitrust trial is winding down this week as the last rebuttal witness concluded his testimony on Thursday. And the trial is anything if not up-to-date: On the final day, Microsoft lawyers pointed to a news story stating that America Online plans to introduce $200 "iToaster" PCs so that their users can access the Internet without a Windows-based computer. Microsoft points to this development as yet another example of the constantly changing face of the PC landscape.

So what's left? On August 10th, Microsoft and the U.S. government will present their preliminary "findings of fact," which will summarize their positions in the case. Then, on September 21, closing arguments will be presented in court. After that, it's in the hands of Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, who has ruled against Microsoft in the past and shown little love for the company during this trial. A ruling is expected by the end of the year

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