Quick Tip: How To Turn Off Various Tips and Suggestions in Windows 10

Quick Tip: How To Turn Off Various Tips and Suggestions in Windows 10

When Microsoft was building Windows 10 they integrated tips, tricks, and suggestions in three areas of the operating system and users, by default, will find these items on the Lock Screen, Start Menu and other areas of Windows such as the Taskbar.

Many have labeled these as ads during the implementation and I certainly understand that perspective.

Next, when you take into account the news from a few months ago which revealed that Joe Belfiore, after returning to Microsoft after his year long sabbatical, has been put in charge of figuring out how to monetize the Windows Shell that adds to the perception.

Although we do not know how far these will extend in Windows 10 or if they will eventually become slots for third party ads that have nothing to do with Microsoft and their products/services, there are controls already present in Windows 10 that allows you to turn these features on or off in each area.

As I mentioned earlier, these three areas for this content are turned on by default in Windows 10 but you can turn each of them off as noted below.

Lock Screen

Windows 10 Lock Screen Settings

Windows in General

Windows Settings

Start Menu

Start Menu Settings

This is an interesting area that we will be keeping an eye on.

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