Quick Tip: How To Customize Mobile Notifications on Your Desktop


With the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and enhancements to Cortana you can now receive notifications from your Windows 10 mobile device on your desktop in the Action Center.

This is a feature I really like because when I am in my home office working during the day I typically silence my phone. So there are times I will miss text messages, calls, etc until I check the phone every couple of hours. Of course, I silence the device because I get nearly the same notifications on it as I do on my desktop.

This new capability between Cortana and the updated Action Center in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update now pushes notifications from your mobile device running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Now, there is still the issue of duplicated notifications between the devices but Microsoft has built in new settings in Cortana called Edit Sync Settings that gives you full control over what notifications are pushed from your mobile device to your desktop.

This feature is turned on by default if you use Cortana and have given permission on your mobile device to share notifications but it can be turned off or customized very easily.

These notifications can now be pushed from the Cortana app on Android devices with the latest app update but iOS users are still unable to do this on their devices with the Cortana app.

In this gallery we will walk you through those settings.


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