POLL RESULTS: Should Microsoft allow Android Apps to run on Windows 10?

POLL RESULTS: Should Microsoft allow Android Apps to run on Windows 10?

When this question was asked in our poll last week we were still waiting for Build 2015 to kick off and to get a clearer idea of the speculation that was actively being discussed on tech blogs and social media.

The biggest question mark about this possibility was exactly how Microsoft would implement this capability if it were true.

During the Day 1 Keynote last week at Build the mystery of Android apps on Windows 10 was solved when we heard about a software bridge that Microsoft would use to allow Android developers to bring their current Java/C++ code easily into Visual Studio. Then, with a few tweaks of that code, it would make it easy for those developers to get their apps on Windows 10 which will run on a wide range of devices under a single core operating system.

Of course we also learned that Microsoft is extending this same capability to developers for web sites, .NET/Win32 and iOS Objective C apps.

As for our poll you all were pretty evenly split on the idea of bringing Android apps to Windows 10 with 187 of you against it and 182 supporting the idea.

Poll Results; Android on Windows

Bottom line for me is that Microsoft needs to do this in a way that protects the Windows Phone platform from bad apps. We see plenty of stories about malware and rogue apps on Android so the last thing that needs to happen is for Windows Phone to become a haven for those type of apps.

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