POLL RESULTS: Microsoft’s control of mobile updates for Windows 10

POLL RESULTS: Microsoft’s control of mobile updates for Windows 10

Last week our poll question asked if you thought Microsoft could grab control of the updates for Windows 10 Mobile from the wireless carriers when it is released later this year.

The reason behind the question is the fact that Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system is being developed with a core base that will be common across all Windows devices/platforms.

Updates to the OS will be released often, possibly monthly like with Patch Tuesday, to bring fixes and other updates to the core elements of the various platforms.  Of course most new features will be added to Windows 10 via apps such as Music, Video, Facebook, etc. Those will be delivered through the Windows Store which mobile carriers have no control over.

Windows Phone owners know the pain of waiting weeks for OS updates – in some cases even longer.

If Microsoft can get this kind of Applesque control from the wireless carriers it would be a huge plus for the platform and Windows 10 moving forward.

POLL RESULTS: Control of Windows 10 Mobile Updates

As you can see from last week’s poll question two times as many of you think they can pull this off. If you take in just half of those who said they might be able to do this then that number rises to around 6 out of 10 who think they can.

Those odds are OK but we still have to see how this goes over the next several months.

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