POLL RESULTS: Is 29 July a realistic Windows 10 release date?

POLL RESULTS: Is 29 July a realistic Windows 10 release date?

Last week we learned that Microsoft will make the RTM version of Windows 10 available to anyone on Windows 7 or 8.1 on the 29th of July.

At the time that meant less than 8 weeks were left for Microsoft to finalize the new operating system to have it ready.

Many of you have been testing Windows 10 as part of the Insider program so you are very familiar with the current state of the operating system as it is being developed. Who better to ask if it will be ready for this new deadline.

An overwhelming 75% of you believe Microsoft will make that date and the OS will be ready.  There are 41% of you though who believe some weekend work will be necessary for that to happen and I am sure that will be the order of the day to get the bugs eliminated.  

One aspect of Windows 10 that is a positive over past releases of Windows is that it will be on a steady diet of updates starting very shortly after its release. No waiting 12 months or so for the first Service Pack to address any lingering release related issues.

The new Microsoft is agile and capable of iterating very quickly so I would not be surprised to see release day updates on 29 July and then see the OS begin to get monthly updates shortly after that as well.

It will be Windows as a Service and that is something none of us has ever experienced.

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