Next Windows 10 Mobile build scheduled for Friday

Next Windows 10 Mobile build scheduled for Friday

Some great news coming out of Microsoft this week via the Twit TV studios in California for Windows Insiders and Windows 10 Mobile.

During an appearance on Windows Weekly, Microsoft's Gabe Aul, revealed that the company actually pushed the Windows 10 Mobile build distribution button at their Redmond headquarters late on Tuesday evening.

That action started a new Windows 10 Mobile build on its way to Windows Insiders that will arrive at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time. The next couple of days will insure the hundreds of images for the various handsets and languages are in place by that time.

Aul also confirmed that all of the phones listed in Rod's article from last week with two exceptions, the Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon, will be able to participate and load this new build.

That will be very good news to many because there was such a small assortment of devices in the initial offering back on 12 Feb.

If you are keeping track Friday will be the 58th day since the last Windows 10 Mobile build was released.

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