News and Notes for Friday 01 May 2015

News and Notes for Friday 01 May 2015

As Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference closes out today I hope you have been able to catch our coverage of the event over the last few of days. 

We learned a lot about the continuation of Microsoft’s cross platform journey and we will be expanding on some of those announcements in the near future.

Next week is Microsoft’s Inaugural Ignite event in Chicago and we will have folks onsite to bring you that news as well.

Peripherally there were several items that hit the news this week that I wanted to bring together here for you. This will let you get caught up as we know those are important to you plus it lets us begin to discuss them on the site.

Office Preview apps for Windows 10 Mobile Delayed

Last month Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Mobile build to Insiders it was lacking the normal Office Hub from Windows Phone 8.1 however, we were promised the new Office Preview universal apps for Windows 10 Mobile. Unfortunately, that ship date has slipped and current reports are that we will see those previews next week during Microsoft Ignite which is heavily focused on Office.

Source: Mary Jo Foley via NeoWin

Windows 10 will be a staggered release for desktops and phones

It was confirmed this week by Joe Belfiore that Windows 10 Mobile will be released after its desktop counterpart hits computers this summer. The delay is because the two platforms are at different stages of development which of course any Windows Insider can confirm based on the most recent builds we have seen for the platform.

This also makes sense from a hardware perspective because a new OS will get new hardware for launch and hopefully that means flagship level hardware.

Source: Fox News

Microsoft acquires N-Trig technology for $30 million

An acquisition that makes total sense. Microsoft has been collaborating with these folks for some time and it is the N-trig technology that powers the Surface Pen on Surface Pro 3 and the soon to be released Surface 3.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Outlook for Android Updated

About 10 days ago Microsoft made the Outlook for Android official by removing its preview status and it has received its first update since.

This update address some navigation issues and provides general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Source: WinBeta

Windows 10 Mobile support coming soon for Lumia 930 and Icon

According to our beloved Ring Master, Gave Aul, the next build of Windows Phone will add back support for Lumia 830 and Icon however, it will also take a while for it to be added back apparently.

That is good news and bad news. Good in that the phones will get to install Windows 10 Mobile in the next build, bad because that next build is going to take a little longer.

Source: Gabe Aul on Twitter

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