New updated sharing and connectivity options offered in Windows 10 Build 10558 setup

New updated sharing and connectivity options offered in Windows 10 Build 10558 setup

The concerns around Windows 10 and privacy have been voiced regularly across the Internet since the new operating system was released in late July.

Recently, we even reviewed the extensive privacy settings that are available in Windows 10 to show you how you can control the level of data that is shared with Microsoft and apps on your Windows 10 system.

Microsoft has been listening to these concerns as they have released several resources to answer your questions about privacy and now it appears they have added specific options to control two areas that have been part of that Windows 10 criticism.

These new options appear when you are installing Windows 10 as of build 10558.

This past weekend I was exploring that Windows 10 Build which recently leaked onto the Internet. I did a clean install of the OS into a virtual machine and so went through all the initial setup screens.

I noticed new options being offered to address the peer to peer sharing of updates and whether or not to automatically access Wi-Fi hotspots whether suggested or shared by your contacts.

This page in the new setup allows you to turn off the automatic connection to suggested Wi-Fi hotspots:

Windows 10 Customize Settings

The second new set of options in this refreshed Windows 10 setup process is to turn off the peer to peer sharing of Windows Updates.

Windows 10 Customize Settings

Of course, if you miss these options during the Windows 10 installation process you can always turn them off in the Settings app:

Settings>Manage Wi-Fi Settings


Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Advanced Options>Choose how updates are delivered

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