New NT 4.0 SP3 hot-fixes available

Thanks to Sean Rima and Michael Tsang Kwong Yiu for tipping me off to three new post-SP3 hot-fixes for Windows NT 4.0.

The first hot-fix fixes problems with parallel printing in NT where the local port monitor resets faster than the port can become ready. The printer driver then interprets that the printer is properly reset, which is not the case. This can cause garbled or improper printouts. The fix for this can be found on the Microsoft FTP site.

The second fix corrects a problem that occurs when a user enters a series of incorrect passwords in an attempt to log on to Windows NT using domain accounts and the Bad Logon Attempts limit for the account is reached, causing the account to be locked out of the domain controller. The hot-fix for this problem is located on the Microsoft FTP site.

Interestingly, this hot-fix also addresses a problem that Microsoft had previously described as "intended behavior" A hacking program available on the Internet allows a local Administrator, with full control of a Windows NT system, to use APIs published in the Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows NT, to display the contents of security information stored by the Local Security Authority (LSA) in a form called LSA Secrets. LSA Secrets are used to store information such as the passwords for service accounts used to start services under an account other than local System.

The third hot-fix corrects a problem with Macintosh clients using Mac OS 8 on an NT network. Changes in the Mac OS 8.0 Finder cause the user to see files and folders constantly shifting, similar to what is seen when Cleanup is selected from the Macintosh View menu. Users may also see duplicate files in the same folder. This hot-fix is available from the Microsoft FTP site

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