Microsoft Updates the Status of Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Updates the Status of Windows 10 Mobile

Over the last few months the public release of Windows 10 Mobile for eligible Windows Phone 8.1 devices has slipped more than once. 

With each one of those delays there was never much of an explanation behind it and some of the expected release timeframes were actually rumored rather than firm dates provided by Microsoft.

Whatever the reasons were behind those past delays, for the first time in a while we now have an update directly from Microsoft about what we can expect when it comes to the release of Windows 10 Mobile.

This update, which was at the bottom of this week's blog post announcement about the release of Windows 10 Build 14251 for PC users, certainly gives a framework for the process of getting this update but the timing aspect not provided.

According to Gabe Aul, the Corporate VP for Engineering Systems Team and the public face of the Windows Insider Program, they are tracking on a Windows 10 Mobile release for existing devices early this year as planned.

He also shared that the work on OneCore, which is the common code base for all of their Windows 10 based devices, will very soon give them the ability to start sharing mobile preview builds for Insiders at the same pace we are seeing on the desktop side.

He did caveat this preview build release plan and said that initially only the Lumia 550, 950 and 950 XL will be eligible and that availability will expand from there.

Now if we could only get a definition for what early this year means.

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