Microsoft Releases Personal Shopping Assistant Extension for Microsoft Edge


Today the Microsoft Garage team released a new addition to the collection of extensions for the Microsoft Edge web browser.

It was just a little more than a month ago, when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released on 02 August, that the general public was able to finally use extensions with Microsoft Edge.

Since then there have not been any new extensions released into the Windows Store for Edge leaving the count at 13 total until today.

The Personal Shopping Assistant Edge Extension from Microsoft will let you favorite products as you are browsing the web and then either compare them against each other side by side or tag a product and get an alert when the price changes.

Some of the features that are planned for future versions of the extension include:

  • Get suggestions for other places to buy a product with their latest prices.
  • Organize your products into shopping boards.
  • Chat with your assistant on the go from your favorite messaging app.

One other unique thing about this extension is that it is also available for Chrome and Opera.

"If you shop online for products, you probably end up with a lot of open tabs on your browser, trying to compare sites to find the best deals. Now, with a new browser extension called Personal Shopping Assistant, you can bridge web, mobile and in-store shopping journeys into one fluid experience.

Released through the Microsoft Garage, this tool acts as a digital memory for online research, which can go on for days and weeks. It keeps track of product pages on different sites, and makes it easy to set up comparisons between them."

You can read more about its development history and the story behind the team whom built the extension and why they decided to create this tool over at the Personal Shopping Assistant website at the Microsoft Garage.

I do a lot of comparison shopping and I can see this extension being a very valuable tool for me to use on these quests for the best price/deal possible.

Check out the gallery screenshots for an idea on how the extension works and is integrated with Microsoft Edge.


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