Microsoft Lets Windows 10 Users Know the Creators Update is Coming Soon.

Microsoft Lets Windows 10 Users Know the Creators Update is Coming Soon.

Today Microsoft released a new cumulative update for the Current Branch of Windows 10 under KB4013429 which is the first update for the operating system since January 2017. Microsoft had to postpone their February updates due to a suspected issue with their patch build system just prior to February's scheduled Patch Tuesday.

This update advanced Windows 10 Version 1607, the Anniversary Update, to Build 14393.953 and it addressed a very long list of issues not only for security but also system fixes and performance improvements.

What was unexpected in this month's update though was a message to Windows 10 users. The short message appears directly under the Windows Update dialog in the Windows Settings app.

Windows 10 Creators Update Message in Windows 10 Current Branch

Now, after all of the uproar over the appearance of new ads/suggestions in Windows 10 over the last couple of weeks, many will label this an advertisement for the Creators Update and others will see it simply as a heads up that the next feature update for Windows 10 is coming soon.

Personally, I am with the latter view of this text tip in the operating system. It is simply a tool to build awareness that the update is coming.

Honestly though - how many everyday users will even notice this text is on the Windows Update page? I suspect not many at all because it will mostly just be us geeks that will take note of its appearance.

The Yes, show me how link leads to this page entitled Windows 10 Creators Update is coming soon.

There is no special sign up or form to register to get the update early but there is a recommendation to sign up for the Windows Insider Program to get an early look. Of course, as all of us in the program know, we will get the update ahead of everyone else but the program itself is not for your everyday users. In fact, it really should not be used as a tool for getting the update early - leave that for the slow roll out via Windows Update.

There is one informative link on this page that leads to the Creators Update: Coming Soon to Windows 10 portal where you can read about all the new features and enhancements that are coming in theĀ  third major update for Windows 10.

So, what is your verdict - ad or heads up?


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