Microsoft Ending Support for UserVoice, Redirecting Users to the Windows Feedback App

Microsoft Ending Support for UserVoice, Redirecting Users to the Windows Feedback App

One of the more popular feedback systems prior to the Windows 10 launch in July was provided by Microsoft through the UserVoice system. UserVoice gave users a more open platform for providing comments, suggestions, feedback and complaints. With Windows 10 rolled out to around 135 million devices now, Microsoft is attempting to redirect user feedback.

The end of support for UserVoice began On October 30 and Microsoft has stated that the UserVoice sites for Windows 10 for PC and Windows 10 for Mobile will be inaccessible after November 16th. The Windows Feedback app built into Windows 10 will remain the single point for user feedback.

Here’s the full statement from the UserVoice for Windows 10 page:

Announcement on the Ramp-Down of Windows UserVoice

During Windows 10 development, Windows UserVoice received a tremendous amount of valuable feedback from the user community. Your feedback has helped to shape what Windows 10 is, in a significant way. We are grateful for all your suggestions and comments!

With more than 110 million devices running Windows 10, we want to consolidate our feedback tools into one system that will enable our engineering team able to respond faster to the feedback from our community. To get timely user feedback directly to the right feature teams, we developed a built-in “Windows Feedback” app in Windows 10. Windows Feedback gives all engineers in Windows access to the complete set of raw feedback that users provide in the tool. Because it is plugged directly into our engineering system, it not only makes it easy for the engineers to find user feedback, but also makes it easy for them to act on it. Windows Feedback also enabled two-way conversations between engineers and our more than seven million Windows Insiders. This allows you to see if your feedback is in our systems, and ready to be promoted to a work item. For more detailed information on Windows Feedback, please see this in-depth article at We encourage everyone to fully leverage Windows Feedback app on Windows 10, all you need to do is type “feedback” into the Cortana search box and you can launch the app from there.

Beginning October 30th, we will be starting our ramp-down process for the Windows UserVoice site. The site will be accessible till November 16th.

We’ll have to wait to see how this works out, as most users prefer an open system and Microsoft has gotten some pushback on its seemingly draconian use of call-back data built into Windows 10.

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