Microsoft & Carrier Billing Partner Boku Expand into Spain, Romania, & Austria for Windows 10 Users

Microsoft & Carrier Billing Partner Boku Expand into Spain, Romania, & Austria for Windows 10 Users

There are many users around the world whose only form of credit is the ownership and payment history for their smart phones.

Although options like PayPal do expand some users ability to make Windows Store purchases within Windows 10, it is also not a viable option for all users, so an alternative to a credit or debit card is needed. That is when something called carrier billing comes into play and provides a secure method for making authorized purchases through the Windows Store.

Today Microsoft and their carrier billing partner Boku are announcing a further expansion for this service into three new European countries and two mobile carriers that will now support this method of payment in the Windows 10 Store.

Beginning today Orange Mobile customers in Spain and Romania plus A1 Mobile customers in Austria will now have a carrier billing option for their Windows Store accounts. That is an expansion that could feasibly impact more than 23 million customers in Spain and Romania plus 5 million in Austria.

Here are some of the other countries that Boku and Microsoft are already partnering for carrier billing:

-- Canada
-- United Kingdom
-- France
-- Germany
-- Switzerland
-- Russia
-- Turkey
-- Poland
-- Italy

In the United States, Boku is Microsoft's sole partner in carrier billing for U.S. based customers.

Boku has partnerships with more than 260 carriers that results in a potential global reach of more than four billion mobile users.

While Microsoft has embraced the opportunities for carrier billing in the Windows Store for quite some time, other international companies, such as Apple for iTunes, are just starting to see the potential for this technology. 

Bottom line with an expansion like this is the ability to gain more customers because of a new billing option and you can expect continued efforts to find more opportunities to expand this partnership into other countries.


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