Micosoft releases Windows 10 Build 10166 to Insiders as RTM approaches

Micosoft releases Windows 10 Build 10166 to Insiders as RTM approaches

A few weeks ago I am not sure we could have imagined receiving more than one build of Windows 10 in a week let alone three like we got our hands on last week.

Now that build tally jumps up to four new builds in eleven days as Microsoft has just pushed build 10166 of Windows 10 to Insiders today.

Something you will begin to notice with these late stage builds as RTM approaches in the next few days is that the blog posts from Gabe Aul announcing them do not contain laundry lists of issues or changes.

As he states for this latest build, these releases are all about bug fixing and fit-and-finish.

I will be digging through this build and looking for those fit and finish elements for a photo gallery later today so we can see just how clean the OS is looking.

One thing this build does introduce is a test of Microsoft's new Wi-Fi app for those in the Seattle area:

With Windows 10, we are giving people the ability to purchase paid Wi-Fi through the Windows Store via the Microsoft Wi-Fi app. You will know when you can purchase Wi-Fi when you see “Buy Wi-Fi from Windows Store” in your list of networks when clicking on the network icon on the lower right in the Taskbar. The Microsoft Wi-Fi app provides the choice to pay with a Credit or Debit Card, a Microsoft Gift Card, PayPal, or Wireless Carrier Billing, and it helps keep your information secure since it uses the Windows Store payment system. Completing the purchase is simple as there is no need to enter additional personal or payment information if you’ve already registered in Windows Store. Right now, we’re testing this experience out in Seattle but it’ll soon open up to the rest of the U.S.

As you know one of the things we do in testing Windows 10 is to share telemetry with Microsoft so they can track various aspects of Windows 10 installed on Insiders systems. That means they have the ability to know how many users are running the various builds that are already public.

Apparently there are enough Windows Insiders running older builds out there for our Ring Master to use some space in his blog post encouraging them to upgrade:

For those of you on older builds – now is definitely the time to upgrade to the most current build. Grab 10166 from Windows Update today or build 10162 ISOs from the Windows Insider Program website.

Is there any reason why you might not be on the latest build of Windows 10?

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