Make your Windows 10 reservation in Windows Update

Make your Windows 10 reservation in Windows Update

This past weekend Microsoft flipped the switch on their Windows 10 reservation system on Windows 7 and 8.1 based computers.

This reservation will enable the pre-downloading of Windows 10 to your computer prior to its availability date of 29 Juy 2015.

You still get to determine when the update is installed after that date but it will speed up the upgrade process significantly since you do not have to wait for a 3GB download.

Many of us believed that small white Windows flag logo was the only reminder we would have over the next several weeks about the impending Windows 10 arrival.

ProTip: You can hide that icon by heading into the Notifications Area Icons area in the Control Panel.

Get Windows 10 App Icon

However, I discovered today that Microsoft is also reminding Windows 7 and 8.1 users about Windows 10 in the desktop Control Panel and there are links to reserve your copy from there.

Windows 10 is coming soon

Clicking on the Reserve button will open up the Get Windows App and let you sign up with your email address.

Once you have done that then each time you return to the Control Panel on that system you will see this:

Windows 10 upgrade reserved

Are any of you also seeing this new info in your control panel? How do you feel about having this reminder along for the ride over the next seven weeks or so?

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