Lenovo’s Cortana Add-on is Now Out of Beta

Lenovo’s Cortana Add-on is Now Out of Beta

If you’re looking to beef up Cortana’s capabilities for file management, Lenovo has been cooking up an add-on for Windows 10 for the last year.

The hardware company announced its intent in May of 2015 to deliver REACHit, a functional add-on that connects Cloud-based and local file resources to give Cortana verbal search capabilities. Then, in February of this year, Lenovo provided a Beta program for Windows 10 users interested in trying out the add-on non-Lenovo hardware.

The company today has announced that REACHit is finally ready and available for free in the Windows store.

You can grab it here: REACHit for Cortana

Connect your cloud accounts, Windows 10 devices, email accounts and calendars. Ask for what you want – by typing or speaking out loud – using natural language. REACHit for Cortana will find your photos, documents, and emails faster than you can, and with a lot less stress.

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