Initial post release updates for Windows 10 Insiders will be full builds versus update packages

Initial post release updates for Windows 10 Insiders will be full builds versus update packages

Earlier today I shared with you that it was once again possible to get actively enrolled in the Insider Program on the 29 July release version of Windows 10.

Although we did not have any info about when the updates would start flowing again from the Windows team a tweet from Gabe Aul, the new VP of WDG Engineering Systems, indicated it would not be too far down the road.

That is great news for those who will remain Insiders on the desktop side.

On the other hand, those who are excited about Windows 10 Mobile and are desperate for an updated build do not want to hear about new updates for the desktop version of Windows 10. They want to see progress on the mobile side of the house and a focused effort to move that version of Windows 10 forward.

Gabe did verify on Twitter today that build 10240 has a blocking bug for mobile so that means a new build has to get the fix and then run through Microsoft's internal rings before it gets pushed to Fast Ring Insiders. They are also apparently moving Windows 10 Mobile to a new branch after the release of Windows 10 for the desktop and that process adds some delay.

While we wait on that fixed mobile build we also learned today that the initial updates which Microsoft will push to Windows Insiders for the release version of Windows 10 will come in the form of new builds instead of update packages delivered over Windows Update.

That basically means it will be just like it was in the pre-release Windows Insider Program and require an install instead of just an update. 

I am sure there is a very good engineering reason for this but it is also not the most likely method these updates will be pushed to end users of Windows 10. Installing a new build is labor intensive and requires reconfiguring your Start Menu, Taskbar layout and other system settings to get back up to speed.

If only there was a feature to restore the settings, apps and layout for a particular device. Oh wait - that has been pulled from Windows 10.

I guess that is another good reason for not enrolling a production device into the Insider Program so this process does not disrupt your ability to operate normally on your primary device.

Gabe did not give any timeline on when we would see the first updated build on desktops however, he did use the term builds which might just be semantics or an indication that we will see more than one build in the post Windows 10 release testing before the shift to updated packages through Windows Update.

What are your plans for the Insider program in the post release world of Windows 10?

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