HP Hardware with Windows 10 Ready to Arrive on July 29

HP Hardware with Windows 10 Ready to Arrive on July 29

During an analyst call today, HP delivered its promise to supply PCs with Windows 10 pre-installed on July 29. Dell announced something similar just a couple days ago, after Microsoft suggested last week that no new hardware would be available when the Windows 10 upgrade was officially available.

And, that's really the mix of the message. While a consumer won't be able to walk into a Best Buy and pick up a brand new PC with Windows 10, they will have the opportunity to order one directly from HP and have it delivered to their doorstep on July 29.

Right now on the HP web site, customers can pick from select PCs with Windows 10 and get free next day shipping. So, order on July 28 or before and get it in your hands on July 29. No need to wait for the Windows 10 upgrade to show up for you since Microsoft is staging the rollout.

HP wouldn't say that Windows 10 RTM was in-hand, but that they were feeling really comfortable about the timelines for RTM availability.

As for the availability for new PCs for purchase in stores, those will be available in select retailers on August 2nd, just 4 days after the Windows 10 upgrade releases to the masses. How is HP able to do this? According to HP, the company has dedicated a lot of time with Microsoft throughout the Windows 10 development cycle. This close relationship has allowed HP to design its entire 2015 PC offerings around Windows 10, so that when the new OS ships, every device will be fully Windows 10 capable.

If a new PC is not in your immediate future, this same close relationship with Microsoft means that any HP PC that you've purchased in the past 5 or so years is already Windows 10 compatible. HP has worked to provide hardware drivers certified for Windows 10. According to HP, its entire portfolio is ready for Windows 10.

Personally, I think you all know my choice. The HP Spectre x360 is a wonderful 2-in-1 device. I wrote a glowing review back in May and have been using the device ever since.

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