How To Reset Your Screenshot Indexing Count


In the course of my writing I take and use a lot of screenshots.

They are handy for visualizing the steps needed to accomplish each step along the way and are the next best thing to an actual video demonstration.

I use a variety of systems for testing and demos and I centralize all of those screenshots into a single OneDrive folder that is located at OneDrive>Pictures>Screenshots.

Although you can not change the default Screenshot prefix that is part of the screenshot name, the default name format is Screenshot (XXX), you can adjust the indexing -that number that follows in parenthesis - with a registry edit.

Now here comes the standard warning about editing your registry - if you make a mistake it could have a very detrimental impact on the functioning of your system - so please be sure you follow the steps provided and verify each step as you go along.

I have followed this process on multiple systems and have had no issues so it is safe to make this change.

I used this method to help me differentiate between the systems that I take screenshots on by setting their incremental indexing number 500 numbers apart.

So my main system is set at 1 with the other three following at 500, 1000 and 1500. This will allow me to sort and separate the screenshots easily from the main Screenshot folder on OneDrive.

You of course can set your system at whatever number you want or reset it as you need to. For most people this change will be unnecessary but if you manage and centralize screenshots from multiple systems this may help you keep everything organized.


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