How To: Make Microsoft Edge Lock-up with Multiple Monitor Setups

How To: Make Microsoft Edge Lock-up with Multiple Monitor Setups

It's the party trick that never gets old. Impress your friends and make your family proud. Prove that you are the master of Windows 10 – not the other way around.


This issue is now fixed with the release of the August 5, 2015 servicing release.

Original article

There's an issue with Microsoft Edge, certain video drivers, and multiple monitor setups, and has to do with working with Tabs in Microsoft Edge. As you can see in the video, just untethering a tab and trying to put it back (which happens accidentally sometimes, too) will lock up Edge. You can't close it, open new tabs, or keep surfing the Internet. The only recourse at this point is to run Task Manager and delete ALL instances of Microsoft Edge from the list of processes, by highlighting each and tapping the End Task button.

I have three systems I've been testing this with: Lenovo T-420s laptop, HP Spectre x360, and the Surface Pro 3. All work fine, until I hook up additional monitors. Even undocking the Surface Pro 3, Edge starts working immediately. But, as soon as I place the Surface Pro 3 back in the dock, Edge starts to lock up when manipulating tabs.

Experiencing this problem? Let me know and make sure to post in the Windows Feedback app.

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