Hands On with the Windows 10 Networking Status Page


When Microsoft started building Windows 10 one of their goals was to create a modern settings app to eventually replace the tried and true Control Panel that we have had through so many iterations of the Windows operating system.

Through the initial release of Windows 10 in July of 2015 (Version 1507), the first major update in November of the same year (Version 1511) and now with the Anniversary Update (Version 1607) that was made available at the beginning of August more functionality is present in the Windows Settings app.

Windows Settings App

In this gallery I want to show you all of the information and tools that are available in the Network and Internet settings on the main Status page. As you will see, many of the shortcuts still take you to elements of the classic Control Panel but the expectation is that eventually those items will be incorporated into the Windows Settings app for Windows 10.


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