Hands On: Lenovo App Explorer with the Miix-720


Another app Lenovo provides with their new devices is the Lenovo App Explorer.

As I mentioned with my hands on galleries for Lenovo's Settings and Companion Apps, these OEM options are intended to simplify the every day users experience in updating, maintaining, and using their devices.

The App Explorer provides a clean interface to the full Windows Store by providing a snapshot of the apps a user can find in the full store. Everything is laid out by primary categories including Spotlight, Explore, Games, and Apps.

Obviously Lenovo gets an opportunity to partner with app developers to feature their offerings in this app but the best feature of this app is that every option links into the Windows Store for the user to download and install the app.

Many users will use an app like this to get more familiar with what is in the Windows Store and eventually will make the move to search and use the full Windows Store themselves.


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