Getting Started with that new Windows 10 PC or Tablet


If any of you received a new PC or tablet this holiday season, it is moist likely running Microsoft's new flagship operating system - Windows 10.

Windows 10 was initially released in July of 2015 and since then it has had two major Feature Updates released for it - the November Update in November 2015 and the Anniversary Update on 02 August 2016.

Each Feature Update adds new features to the OS but the core elements of the software remain fairly standard with a few tweaks along the way.

Here at SuperSite: Windows we have been poking and prodding Windows 10 for over two years now and we have learned much about the OS. As a result, we have put together a huge selection of tips and how-to's that can assist both veteran and new Windows 10 users.

I have gone through that collection and this article highlights some of the key ones that will benefit you as a new Windows 10 user.

Included in this collection are video walkthroughs of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the extensive Privacy Settings for the OS. In addition, I have listed my extensive review of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the version of Windows 10 that likely shipped with your new device, so that you can learn more about the added features.

Once you get used to the operating system and are ready for more, be sure to search SuperSite: Windows for the term windows 10 quick tips to find some of the other tidbits we have about Windows 10.

Enjoy your new device and if you have any questions just ask in the comments and we will help you along the way.


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