Gallery: Windows 10 build 10051 leaked screenshots


When there is a Windows operating system undergoing testing and development leaks always seem to be a normal part of the process. Whether intentional or not they give us a peek at what might be coming in future builds.

Of course, there is no guarantee what we see in these screenshots is final or will even make it into the next publicly released build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, but we still pour over them with a fine tooth comb looking for clues.

In the leaked images from build 10051, just a couple of steps up from build 10049 which was released a week ago today, the big news is new Mail and Calendar Universal Apps. The two updated built in programs appear to have taken on similarities to their Windows Phone versions and appear to continue Microsoft's movement to go universal with all of these standard system apps.

You will also see near the end of this set of images that an apparent Windows Live era icon has crept into Windows 10 for Family Safety - very weird and hopefully just a hold over that will eventually be replaced by a new Windows 10 style logo.

Images via OSBetaArchive

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