Even with Windows 8, Some Things Never Change

You know, in all the "reimagining" that's going on with Windows 8, I wish Microsoft would reimagine some of the long-lived Windows bugs that continue unabated in Windows 8.

One that is particularly glaring to me, since I encounter it regularly, is what I call the desktop file move bug. (Even though it's not strictly tied to the desktop.) In this situation, I've copied a bunch of files to the desktop, as I often do when working. But when done with whatever it is I'm doing, I put all the files into a folder of some kind and archive it on the home server. This entails moving that folder, via Explorer, to the proper network location.

Cue the desktop file move bug, which resembles the following.


Sometimes the culprit is obvious. I've used an application like Photoshop to create the file(s) in question, and Windows won't let me move them until I close Photoshop, because this application inexplicably has a lock of some kind on them. So I copy them, and then cannot delete the originals, which is what you see above. Either way, the file(s) and/or folder are "in use." When of course they're not.

In this case, however, it's somewhat unclear which application is preventing me from moving or deleting the files (i.e. Photoshop is closed). And more to the point: I'm the system administrator. How the frick can I not override this? So much for those god-like powers.

This kind of thing is exasperating. And while I understand that the bulk of Microsoft's work in Windows 8 is with this all new WinRT/Metro platform, I think you'll agree that cleaning up past mistakes should be a priority for any new Windows release as well. In fact, it's the sort of thing I expect of an OS that's also billed as "no compromises." Dealing with a glaring Windows 7 bug in Windows 8 is obviously a compromise. 

Note: I actually do know which application "caused" this issue. It's Chrome. I use Chrome to upload files to the web server so you can view them on my web site. How is it that Chrome could "lock" files in this manner? Closing Chrome does "solve" the problem. I shouldn't have to do this. I've been dealing with this for years.


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