By the Book: October 12, 2014

By the Book: October 12, 2014

A major update to the Windows book

I've issued a major update to Windows 8.1 Field Guide that addresses the recent Bing to MSN branding change, which required a lot of new screenshots and content changes. I've also been updating the free Xbox Music Field Guide over the past few weeks and hope to get that complete soon so I can finish up with Surface Pro 3 Field Guide and Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide.

These things always take longer than I'd like or expect. And it's been otherwise crazy-busy, which takes time away from writing. All I can do is keep trying...

Windows 8.1 Field Guide

The 1.06 update to Windows 8.1 Field Guide accommodates Microsoft's recent rebranding of its Bing contents apps to MSN. So the Bing Apps chapter has been renamed to MSN Apps + Maps and has been thoroughly updated with new content and screenshots.


Remember, you can download the latest version of the book, from the download page you have hopefully already bookmarked. If you haven't yet paid for the book, please get a copy of the book today: It's still only $2. If you've lost your download link, please contact Paul or Rafael via email.

Windows 8.1 Field Guide 1.06 – 588 pages

Xbox Music Field Guide

I've issued four updates to the pre-release (and free) Xbox Music Field Guide since the beginning of September and hope to put this one behind me soon.

Download (free)

Xbox Music Guide 0.91 in PDF

Xbox Music Guide 0.91 in MOBI

Xbox Music Guide 0.91 in ePub

Surface Pro 3 Field Guide and Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide

No updates yet, but I'll be working on these going forward.

Download (free for now)

Surface Pro 3 Field Guide 0.3 (pre-release) in PDFMOBI and ePub formats

Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide 0.4 (pre-release) in PDFMOBI and ePub formats

Coming soon: Windows 10 Field Guide

The manuscript for Windows 8.1. Field Guide will of course be used as the basis for Windows 10 Field Guide, so I will be going over the rest of the book as I did for the Bing Apps chapter to make sure everything is up to date before making the switch. But that will be a few months from now, since I need to finish up Xbox Music Field Guide, Surface Pro 3 Field Guide and Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide first.

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