Audible Gets a Windows 10 Makeover

If you're a better listener than a reader, or just love to soak-up knowledge while you do other, more mundane things, you'll be happy to know that Audible has released an update for Windows 10. I used the new version to kick-off a new Longmire book over the weekend and subsequently switch to Audible on my Windows Phone to continue the book during a run.

The UI has been stylized to match the Windows 10 and comes with some additional features. Here's what's new for the Windows 10 version:

  • Complete redesign of the Audible app for Windows 10

  • New and improved player and library management

  • Introducing the ribbon player with easy-to-access controls

  • Integrated store and search to more easily browse over 180,000 available titles

Grab it using this link:

If you open the link using Windows 10, it will open to the Audible download page in the Windows Store.

Audible is a great way to consume books without needing a quiet sitting spot. I a lot of the Kindle books I've read recently have an option to purchase the Audible counterpart for an additional charge, so you can read or listen, depending on your opportunity. Of course, you can sign up for a monthly Audible subscription, but most books are also offered as a one-time purchase – no subscription required.

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