ATT confirms Lumia 950 available online 17 Nov and in stores 20 Nov

ATT confirms Lumia 950 available online 17 Nov and in stores 20 Nov

Speculate no more as AT&T has confirmed that they will be the first US based carrier to make the new Microsoft Lumia 950 handset available in the United States and it will be available this week.

The new handset, which will be running Windows 10 Mobile and fully support Continuum, will first be available through AT&T's online website beginning 17 November. It will then be on store shelves starting just a few days later on 20 November.

According to the announcement from AT&T, they will offer the device under their AT&T Next 24, 18 and 12 plans:

  • Next 24 (30 months) at $19.97 per month
  • Next 18 (24 months) at $24.96 per month
  • Next 12 (20 months) at $29.95 per month

If you want to purchase the new handset under a two year contract it will cost $149.99.

AT&T has not specified the cost for the handset but if you extrapolate the monthly payments, which are interest free under their ATT Next program, it is approximately $599.

AT&T will be offering the Microsoft Display Dock (HD-500) for sale as well but it will not be bundled with the phone as it is overseas in some European locations. This dock, which allows you to use one of the most compelling features of Windows 10 Mobile - Continuum, is priced at $99.99.

AT&T are also offering anyone purchasing the Lumia 950 from them the opportunity to purchase a Surface 3 for $399.99 however, no details are provided about which model this is or if it comes with accessories such as the Type Cover keyboard and Surface Pen.

There will also be many disappointed that the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL will not be carried by AT&T if only for the ease of purchasing it under their AT&T Next plan or with a two year contract to spread out the payments.

However, if you have $649 burning a hole in your pocket then the Microsoft Store will be offering the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL unlocked and the purchase is eligible to receive the Microsoft Display Dock at no additional cost (as long as supplies last of course). This offer must be redeemed online with a special code and is for purchases made between 25 Nov 2015 and 31 Jan 2016.

There is no date on the Microsoft Store website yet for when the 950 XL will officially be available.

Update: After we published this article earlier, Microsoft turned on pre-orders for the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. It will ship by 25 November and will be available in two colors - black or white.

Planning to grab one unlocked?

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