Are Windows 10 installs picking up momentum as the year ends?

Are Windows 10 installs picking up momentum as the year ends?

One of the biggest commitments Microsoft has made in 2015 was its public goal to see Windows 10 installed on 1 billion devices in the first 2-3 years of it being on the market.

Today marks the 5 month mark since the operating system was released and there is a new estimation of how many systems have had Windows 10 installed in those first 154 days of public availability.

Our friends over at WinBeta have reported, based on their sources within Microsoft, that the OS has been installed on over 200 million systems as we approach the end of 2015.

The last official numbers were revealed almost three months ago, at Microsoft's big NYC hardware announcement, and that count was sitting officially at 110 million installs. If the new number being reported is accurate that that means Microsoft has added 30 million installs per month since the beginning of October.

Earlier this month I took a look at the momentum of Windows 10 installs based on the then rumored number of installs of 140 to 150 million. I split the difference between those two numbers and did some math about the average number of daily installs since the release of Windows 10.

At that time it came out to just over 1 million installations each day on average.

Based on today's new estimation and the 154 days that have passed since the release of Windows 10 that number is now close to 1.3 million daily installs. That shows a very positive decided bump of nearly 300,000 daily installs overall.

If you take that average out from 29 July it means Windows 10 will arrive on 1 billion devices in just over 2 years from its release.

Of course, this is all dependent on maintaining the momentum which will fluctuate but these new numbers gives Microsoft some wiggle room to meet the 2-3 year goal they announced earlier this year.

I have reached out to Microsoft to see of they can provide us official momentum numbers and will update this article once I get any news.

Update: Microsoft has no new official momentum numbers right now according to a spokesperson.

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