App Tour: Polarr Photo Editor Pro


There are so many photo editing and filter based apps that it can be hard to discern which can be a viable option for all of your photo editing.

Polarr Photo Editor Pro is a photo editing app I came across a few weeks ago and I now have it available on all of my Windows 10 devices.

When I grabbed the app it was not discounted but for those of you who want to try out Photo Editing Pro it is now just $1.99, 90% of its normal price of $19.99. This great deal is available for the next two weeks until 29 September and worth the $2 for sure.

Just take a look at the list of features to see that this is much more than just a set of filters:

  • Designed for mouse and touch
  • Proprietary controller-inspired design for speed and precision
  • Interactive in-app guide to photo editing
  • Expandable and collapsible workspace
  • Responsive and adjustable user interface to fit your screen
  • Hand-crafted collection of over 50 preset filters for quick edits
  • Import multiple and exports in batch
  • Light: exposure, highlights and shadows
  • Detail: clarity, sharpen, denoise, diffuse and dehaze
  • Optics: distortions, vignette, fringing
  • Advanced HSL and RGB Curve tools
  • Experimental support for popular RAW formats
  • Highlights/shadows toning tools
  • Multiple local adjustments areas
  • Circular and gradient filters
  • Powerful cropping and aspect control
  • Create custom filters based on history
  • Export photo at different settings
  • Persistent edit history tracking
  • Infinite undo and redo

That last one means you can tweak and mess with your images on many levels and always go back to previous states at any time while editing the image.

Download Photo Editor Pro from the Windows Store.

P.S. If you are on other platforms like iOS, Android, Mac or Linux you can also grab Polarr for those systems plus it is accessible via the web.


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