App Tour - Paint 3D Preview


This past week we learned during the #MicrosoftEvent in New York City that the next Feature Update for Windows 10 will be called the Creators Update.

Operating system level features that were shown off as part of this update, which is expected in Spring 2017, will soon be in the hands of Windows Insiders through the Fast Ring but anyone on the latest Fast ring build, 14955, can actually start with some 3D creation of their own.

The Paint 3D Preview was announced during Wednesday's keynote as a tool that will allow anyone on the Windows 10 Creators Update to be a creator and work with 3D. The demos also showed off a Windows 10 Mobile app that could scan a real world object into 3D that could then be used with Paint 3D - the process appeared very seamless.

Although that app was not released for use by Insiders, Paint Preview 3D can be downloaded by anyone on the Windows Insider Fast Ring.

In conjunction with the release of the Paint 3D Preview, Microsoft also opened up a new creative community called that will allow you to store and share your own 3D creations plus see those created by others. There are also hundreds and 3D objects available to give you a creative spark as you build your own 3D scenes.

I have even tried my hand at creating a little 3D and while I lack major artistic talent, it was very easy to make this scene in Paint 3D Preview:

Remix 3D Creation

Enjoy the Paint 3D Preview App Tour and let us know what you think of the program.


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