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If you did a search for the terms apps and windows the most prominent result would likely be related to the well discussed app gap between the Windows ecosystem and those of Android and Apple.

Setting that definition aside, lets talk about this new Universal Windows Platform app called AppRaisin which allows you to discover new apps for Windows devices through a crowd sourcing process.

The premise of this app, which runs on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, is that users add their own favorites to the database of suggested apps and they are listed on the Latest News tab. That is part 1 of the crowd sourcing.

Part 2 of the crowd sourcing is when users of AppRaisin open up the app and browse the listed offerings. If they are familiar with one and already like it they can Raise it aka up vote it and as apps gain momentum they will float to the top of the Rising News tab.

Of course, there are links in each listing to download the app from the Windows Store and to also share that listed app through your share targets in Windows.

So instead of raisin the roof we are raisin the apps!

The app is free and you can download it from the Windows Store with the link below:

AppRaisin Download in the Windows Store


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