9 Days to Windows 10

9 Days to Windows 10

The count down to Windows 10 kicked off in earnest yesterday as Microsoft announced their marketing campaign that begins in the United States today and globally on 29 July when Windows 10 begins to arrive for users of Windows 7 and 8.1.

In a blog post over at the Blogging Windows site, the Windows Team shares that this effort will look at Windows 10 through the eyes of the next generation of computer users. 

There are two spots posted at the Windows YouTube Channel, one of 30 seconds and the other at 60, that show the faces of young kids around the world and how their future of computing will be different because of Windows 10.

The spots provide a laundry lists of reasons why that computing future will be different including:

  • Windows Hello
  • Better security features such as Microsoft Passport
  • Touch screens on all devices
  • Microsoft Edge's ability to ink on web pages and share them
  • Cortana Personal Digital Assistant
  • Windows as a Service

As you will see and hear in the embedded videos below, some of the above features are not mentioned by name. They were easy for me to recognize because, just like many of you, I have been using Windows 10 for several months and understand the features.

Will everyday computer users watching a television commercial be able to pick up on these things or will the basic description in these ads be enough to intrigue those users to look further into the upcoming operating system?

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