XDS Virtualizes Server-Based Computing

"For a server-based computing solution to be viable," said Mario Dal Canto, chairman and CEO of XDS, "it must meet three requirements: simplicity, security, and availability of access within a complex computing environment. The first two requirements almost never go hand in hand."


XDS, a new company focusing on desktop virtualization, has developed a patent-pending virtualization technology and operating infrastructure with key customers and partners to achieve carrier-grade service scalability and reliability. SIMtone Virtual Desktop Utility (VDU) is an enterprise-grade, on-demand utility solution that securely delivers corporate Windows desktop environments seamlessly across broadband networks. VDU automatically provides network, session, and device control; provisioning; and management capabilities that leverage the company's Secure Interactive Mobile Tone (SIMtone) "digital dial tone" technology.


"The major advantage of our approach is cost savings," Dal Canto said. "This service is the only way to inexpensively deploy a virtual desktop environment that’s totally secure, mobile, flexible, and simple to use. Simple usually means insecure. Secure usually means complex. Mobile is usually complex. No one else provides such a comprehensive solution at such a low cost." The SIMtone VDU is a subscription service priced at $39.95 per month, per user.


SIMtone VDU lets corporate and government enterprises deliver full Windows desktop environments to any PC, thin client, or non-processing appliance. The service automatically connects the user's device of choice to the network and requires no configuration or maintenance. All data, applications, and OS functionality remains inside the firewall, providing a highly secure platform that can be accessible internally across the enterprise, branch offices, and remote locations. "The government agencies we work with consider this service to be the most secure they’ve ever seen," said Dal Canto.


VDU also requires minimal user setup, maintenance, training, and support. Customers merely sign up for the service. (There's no minimum number of users, or license limits.) XDS sends the connector appliance, which takes two to four hours to install. A video dashboard lets you access the service to add users and perform other network-management functions.


Although XDS's customers are mostly large enterprises, the company has a small-business strategy underway. For additional information, check out the company Web site.

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